christmasThe excitement of a new year overtakes us because many of us can’t wait to get rid of 2016. There’s always that sense of hope that things will get better. Year after year I hear this over and over again. Friends, until we realize without God, life just exists; There’s no guarantees changeand there’s no promises. God gave us HIS WORD so that we can be secure about every area of our lives. We can live in divine health. We can have security in our finances. Our children can be blessed. The true word of God corrects us and teaches us how to live a disciplined life to achieve the blessing. In order for 2017 to be different, we must become different. There must not be any room for sin. Before you make another plan, make a plan to sit with God and ask him what he expects of you in 2017.givieThis will give you an opportunity to take a break from the parties and shopping and create a projection for a better year. I’m not talking about your business, I’m referring to your personal relationship with your creator. pages of a book curved into a heart shapeNow if you don’t believe God is the creator of your life, this word is not for you; However for Those who call themselves Christian; you should take the time to go to church on Sunday (New Years Day) and allow God to create the steps for the rest of your year. It’s never too late to put God in your plans. If 2016 was a bad year for you, I guarantee 2017 will be the same if YOU don’t do something about it. Start by getting more familiar with the truth, not a feel good restorationmessage but one that will hit your soul and change your heart. 2017 can be whatever you want it to be if you live a Godly life and FULLY obey him in your lifestyle. Say the right words, Believe with no doubt then shout out Happy New Year. There’s time to change. Don’t look back. Be careful of who you’re hanging with to start this year off. Now Get right…and You’ll live right

Love you all and b
e blessed,

Pastors Chuck and Amy Battaglia

Brand New Life Christian Center