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Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 2.32.55 PMGet yourself closer to God and His way of life before the year ends. God wants you ALL to be blessed and enjoy life. #john1010 As I’m writing this Satan wants to steal, destroy or kill something in your life. The reason so many people have a hard time receiving Gods best are those they surround themselves with, the so called downers with a doubting attitude towards everything. Place yourself around people that have real testimonies about how God still provides the way for miracles, signs and wonders for those who believe. #matt2122 Get away from those that make excuses that God wants you sick or in need. 2018 should be the year as a Christian, that to compromise on Gods word should not be an option but to stand firm in your faith and to keep standing until you receive the victory. The way Jesus asked many in the bible what they wanted and proceeded to give it to them according to their faith and his word is alive for you right now #matt7 2018 is a year you need to stand up to the devil and demand your Christian rights. Take back your benefits #psalm103 2018 is a year for the Christian to turn your light up ten times brighter and get out of darkness #matt13 2018 is a year to increase your love walk and WORK your faith. #james220 2018 is a year to GET THINGS DONE before Jesus comes!

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