A Harvest Message


It’s Harvest time. Don’t allow Satan to steal what God has promised you. You can still end the year in victory. Get those healing scriptures out look at them intently and remind Satan it’s your right as a believer to live in divine health. Wealth is promised in Psalm 112. Read it and believe it. Start speaking an end of the year promotion for wealth and riches in your home! God is a God of increase and like every good father he wants his children to have more than enough. Only believe! We must remind ourselves that we ourselves made Jesus the Lord of our life. We must now trust that he is the Lord of the Harvest! Receive it, and move on to a blessed Thanksgiving. Thank him now for everything He has done for you. As you speak, believe your needs are being met. Start up the flame you had when you first fell in love with Jesus and turn it up higher. Use your faith to receive the promises God has promised you. Remember keep sowing, walk in love and if you need to forgive anybody do it right now. It’s Harvest time don’t end the year without collecting yours.

We love you all,

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