March Into The Blessing


The word of the Lord came to me during February (love-month) and said that March will be the month of Gods divine power on this church #brandnewlifecc. I encourage everyone to receive it. March into the blessing and take the favor that God wants to pour out on you! This power will be amazing, a power that you’ve never seen before. Receive it by faith and rejoice. You will see healing and restoration like never before. It’s time! Partners don’t miss it by becoming distracted. Focus on this promise daily. Write down your visions and believe they’re yours. Marriages will grow stronger. Young adults will come closer to the truth. Children will be blessed. Finances will increase! Your pets will even be protected and blessed under this blessing. Start believing it today! Come and get excited with us. Sunday’s 10am & 2:30pm. Midweek 7pm. March into the blessing! Start tonight!

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