Lettuce Get Together Contest Winner Elder Debra McIntosh


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50 Words or less on what Lettuce Get Together means to you! Winner will get $100.00 and be published on our website as well as be sent out on our NEXT LGT Email!

Well, we have a winner, Elder Debra McIntosh! Pastor Amy would like to thank everyone who entered! This wasn’t easy decision as there were so many amazing entries provided! With that said, we are excited to share the winning entry and we will see you all this Saturday at Brand New Life Christian Center for our 4th Lettuce Get Together Meeting!


“Think you don’t like salad? You probably didn’t add enough ingredients. Like a good salad, we mix together women from different backgrounds, experiences & faith to grow strong, healthy, vibrant, Godly women. “Lettuce” get together. We’ll plant, you water & God increases. Come, taste & see that The Lord is good.”

-Elder Debra McIntosh

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