Lettuce Get Together with Jackie Rivera


43218191_10156212079666633_6993293723916304384_oSaturday, October 13th
Lettuce Get Together And Grow A Stronger Life

Jackie Rivera made the long journey from Little Rock, Arkansas to California six years ago to pursue a career in theatre. An avid theatre lover and arts education advocate, she combines her passion for the arts and love of Jesus to speak words of truth, comfort and wisdom into the hearts around her. She loves working with children and is currently in the beginning stages of building her own theatre company, “The Stories of Christ Children’s Theatre.”

Join us as she discusses “Emotions Takin’ Me Over!” An open discussion about the importance and beauty of a woman’s emotional walk with the Lord. We all have trials and tribulations but it’s important to let our light shine through every obstacle we face! Proverbs 3: 21-23

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