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To All The Young Adults

Dear Young Adults, Don’t allow your visions, dreams and good times to sway you from your relationship with the Lord! I know it’s hard at your age to understand how you will someday want God in the center of all things. Trust me I know! Work, relationships and the pleasures of life itself can distract […] Read more…



The excitement of a new year overtakes us because many of us can’t wait to get rid of 2016. There’s always that sense of hope that things will get better. Year after year I hear this over and over again. Friends, until we realize without God, life just exists; There’s no guarantees and there’s no […] Read more…


Walk In The Spirit

To be led by the Spirit is an awesome gift from God, if we understand it and use it correctly. There are many directions the flesh wants to take during the season of Christmas and new year. Parties, shopping, family get togethers and much more. There are a lot of decisions that need to be […] Read more…

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FREE Evangelism Training With Riley Stephenson

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to share their faith effortlessly while for others, the thought makes them want to run for the hills? It’s because the first group has the right tools. We’re hosting , with our very own Riley Stephenson, the week before Living Victory Anaheim. Don’t miss it! Getting over your […] Read more…

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BNL Commercial

Have you seen the new BNL Commercial? Love the church you attend? Share this commercial with your friends! Read more…


What FREE Means To God

To be free is an interesting phrase. It can mean so many different things to an individual. To a divorced person it means you’re single. To a person that is released from prison you’re able to start over. To someone who is eighteen or twenty one years old you’re able to cut the strings from […] Read more…

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Don’t Forget God This Summer

Don’t Forget God This Summer! With summer soon approaching, let it be a season that as you fire up the barbecue and do a few get a ways to some fun places, you raise the fire of God inside of you. Keep your commitment to your calling. I’m not saying, don’t have a good time! […] Read more…

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