To All The Young Adults

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Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 2.48.13 PMDear Young Adults,

Don’t allow your visions, dreams and good times to sway you from your relationship with the Lord! I know it’s hard at your age to understand how you will someday want God in the center of all things. Trust me I know! Work, relationships and the pleasures of life itself can distract you. However, when these things keep you away from your church, tithing and reading the word, it can become dangerous. If you’re not a Christian and reading this you probably would not agree. However, I am writing this to those who claim to belong to the body of believers and are rooted in a church. The three things I mentioned are a vital part of your relationship with God to remain strong in times of trouble. You must not allow yourself, family, or friends to cause a wall between what you believe. If you’ve made this mistake don’t worry, change today!  Begin to become the person you proclaimed to be. If you never made Jesus the Lord of your life to begin with, do it today! It’s for your benefit.

God bless this young generation!

Pastor Chuck Battaglia