Walk In The Spirit


To be led by the Spirit is an awesome gift from God, if we understand it and use it correctly. There are many directions the flesh wants to take during the season of Christmas and new year. Parties, shopping, family get togethers and much more. There are a lot of decisions that need to be made. Being led by the Spirit can help you enjoy the season more than ever. When you became a Christian filled with the Holy Spirit you were given the Holy Spirit as a helper. This is not a gift to be used only during a crisis. You can utilize this gift on a daily basis, now and even after the holidays. He can tell you where to go, how much to spend, when to stop and when to continue on a particular issue.
I encourage you to listen and take direction from your Holy Spirit. It will allow peace, joy and even create a higher level of love towards others. Distractions come in many forms. Satan’s biggest goal is to distract you from God. We never want to go far from God in times like this. Satan’s goal this Christmas like always is to cause strife, steal your joy and add sickness and debt if you allow him to do it. Don’t allow him to win. Jesus came to give you life and give it to you more abundantly to enjoy. It’s such a relief when you understand you have a helper to help you through these times. I know Christmas is a fun time but for many it brings depression, loneliness and pain. Remember this, there is someone that cares and that someone is Jesus.Don’t just use him in a manger scene or a Christmas card or sing about him in a song. God gave you his spirit through Jesus to lead a supernatural life in times like this…use it. Those that are led by the Spirit in what they do, Say and act are the true sons of God…enjoy your Christmas and get ready for A blessed 2017 …

We love you all , Pastor Chuck and Amy Battaglia

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