What FREE Means To God


To be free is an interesting phrase. It can mean so many different things to an individual. To a divorced person it means you’re single. To a person that is released from prison you’re able to start over. To someone who is eighteen or twenty one years old you’re able to cut the strings from your parents. However, God had a different meaning for all of us. Through Jesus, he set us free from every kind of bondage. This weekend so many of us get wrapped in the natural celebration of the Fourth of July that we will actually miss church and place God on the back burner. The  amazing truth is that it should make us want to take the time to listen to the word and thank God for setting us free from sickness or poverty. Free to God means that we have been taken out of this polluted world and set in to a kingdom that will never be shaken. To be free in Gods eyes is to be able to shout out you believe in Jesus and that He is the Lord of everything we do. We do have a military that sets us free as a country but to allow that freedom to be used at the highest level, we need God and his gift of freedom to make it operate at it’s full potential. As people that love America, we need to put God first. The days are over that we can become complacent about the truth. Most people who say they don’t need to serve God do not understand the precious love He has for them. They’re blinded and become more interested in judging a sermon than learning from it. Yes we are free to make a choice but not every choice will be profitable to those who cast out God and his word. Sure you can stay rich, beautiful and have fun… but trust me, it won’t supply what you’ll need for eternity.  Many use their freedom with the wrong motives. God gave you freedom to be allowed to set up your life for the blessing on earth and in heaven. To get America back to where we need it to be, we must get it together in the church with teachings and commitments. Yes we should have fun, take vacations, enjoy our family but we must put God first. How? By letting him guide our steps.  Start today. A lot of you have a few days off. Pick up the word and find out the truth. The country you live in and fight to keep was for Gods purpose not ours. When you begin to serve God, you will be serving America the way you were intended to. Now, some non-believers will argue with this message (and I rarely respond to their replies). However, it’s the believers that I’m more concerned with. Those that are baptized, filled with the Holy Spirit and continue to live going against the truth. They are using their freedom to live immoral lives, refusing to tithe or missing church. You know Better. What’s your excuse?  We as Christians need to clean up and become the free person God intended us to be. Free to shout out Jesus is Lord and to prove it by our fruit! God Blessed America, we need to keep it that way…


Pastor Chuck Battaglia

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